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Testing Rules for Honorlock Exams

CAUTION: Failing to follow these examination rules may impact your exam grade and course grade. In addition, suspected violations of the FSU Academic Honor Policy are reported for investigation and potential sanction.

Students MUST:

  • Take the exam at a desk or table (not a bed or couch).
  • Be ALONE in an enclosed room. Taking the exam in an open space like a dining room, living room, or outside will be flagged as suspicious.
  • Take the exam in a QUIET area free of conversations, music, and other noises that may be flagged as intentional interference with proctoring.
  • Have sufficient lighting for a clear ID check, room scan, and monitoring during the exam. Overhead lighting is preferred; if not possible, light should not be behind student.
  • Show a very clear, valid and recognizable PHOTO ID.
  • Scan their room 360 degrees, SLOWLY and THOROUGHLY, and include their entire desk area. Note that Honorlock allows you to repeat the room scan as often as needed until it’s acceptable.
  • Ensure that the desktop is clear of any unpermitted items and that walls and desk are clear of writing.

Additional exam requirements:

  • This is a CLOSED note exam. Using your e-book or textbook is NOT ALLOWED.
  • You may not use scratch paper.
  • You must remain visible in front of your computer for the duration of the exam. NO BATHROOM BREAKS.
  • NO HEADPHONES OR EARBUDS. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, and any other electronic devices are NOT PERMITTED.
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  • 06-May-2020