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Pearson/Certiport Examinations for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification

Guide for Students

These exams are available ONLY to authorized main-campus FSU students from the following courses/instructors:

Please contact your instructor to confirm your eligibility and for more information about the content and design of these examinations before signing up. Registrations by unauthorized students, including unauthorized retakes, may be deleted without notice.

We recommend that you review Certiport's tutorial for your selected exam in advance. The tutorial is also presented at the beginning of each exam and does not subtract from exam time.

If you require accommodation for a disability, please see Certiport's information page. If you receive an accommodation from Certiport for extra time, you can take the exam at the Testing Center. Other accommodations may be handled differently. Be sure to let us know at as soon as you have an approved accommodation request so we can plan accordingly.

When you are ready to take an exam:

  • You must register in advance with the Testing Center at least one week prior to the day you plan to take the exam so that your eligibility can be confirmed.
  • You must also create a Certiport profile before the day of your exam or you will not be able to log in and take your exam! Remember your Certiport username and password.
  • Review FSU Testing Center Rules in advance to ensure a smooth testing experience. Pay particular attention to allowable/prohibited items (e.g., phones, hats, etc.).
  • Review Certiport's Test candidate exam policies below.

Testing policies for all Pearson/Certiport exams:

Test candidates, proctors and administrators must adhere and/or enforce all of the following policies when taking or administering an exam at a Certiport Authorized Testing Center.

  • Upon arrival at the testing center, Test Candidates must present their personal identification bearing a photograph and signature. Note that your FSU ID does not contain a signature! Test Candidate’s ID must match the Certiport account information on the Proctor Validation Screen prior to launching the exam.
  • Test candidates may not take recording devices such as paper/pencil, cameras, PDAs, computers, or communication devices such as cell phones, or pagers into the testing area.
  • Test candidates must not communicate with other test candidates either in the testing room, or in any other area of the testing facility during authorized testing breaks.
    • The testing clock cannot be stopped during any breaks. Test Candidates must not conduct activities during a break that may compromise exam security - including use of a telephone and/or communicating with other Test Candidates.
  • Test candidates must read and accept the terms of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) presented prior to the start of the exam.
  • Test candidates must not remove exam content from the testing area, and must not reproduce exam content outside of the testing area.
  • Test candidates whose instructors authorize a retake must abide by the terms of Certiport's retake policy (bear in mind the deadline for exam registration provided above).
  • Test candidates found to have violated testing center rules may lose any existing certifications and may be made permanently ineligible for additional certifications.

A score report is provided on-screen at the completion of each exam attempt. You can also access and print it later via your Certiport profile. Exam results may be shared with your instructor to help them fine-tune course materials.

Please address any questions about exam content or score reporting to your instructor or to Pearson/Certiport. Proctors may answer questions regarding the functionality of the exam software, but may not answer questions or provide instructions related to exam content.

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