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Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Important: Please see Proctored Testing Updates for the most current information about proctored testing during the university closure.

Florida State University seeks to assure that qualified students with disabilities will not be disadvantaged because of the limitations created by their disability. FSU is committed to providing students with disabilities an educational opportunity equal to that of their peers without creating an unfair advantage. It is the University’s policy that students requiring accommodations MUST identify themselves and register with the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) - formerly known as the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC), the University’s designated office responsible for determining eligibility, level of service, and reasonable and appropriate accommodations.

If you are an instructor and learn that you have students with disabilities:

  • Please notify the Testing Center as soon as you learn that a student of your requires testing accommodations.
  • If the requested accommodation includes extra time on the exam, you will need to do this yourself in Canvas using these instructions (the Testing Center does not make this adjustment).
  • For extra time only, students can choose to take their exams at the Testing Center as described below.

If you are an online student who needs accommodation for a disability:

First, be sure you have documented your need for accommodation via the OAS/SDRC and shared this with your instructor. Your documentation letter will describe the specific testing accommodations to be provided. Next:

  1. If you are attending at the main campus in Tallahassee, there are two options:
    1. If your accommodation is limited to extra time allowed on exams, you can choose to take your test at the Testing Center rather than the OAS/SDRC. Your instructor will add the extra time and notify us.
    2. For all other accommodations, please select the OAS/SDRC as your designated proctor and work with the OAS/SDRC to schedule and complete your exam. Your instructor is responsible for any related adjustments required in exam settings.
  2. If you are a distance student testing outside Tallahassee, register with the OAS/SDRC first and remind your instructor to send your accommodation letter to so that we can inform your remote proctor of needed accommodations. Then follow the steps for Outside Tallahassee at this link. (It's not a bad idea to contact your remote proctor well in advance to confirm that they can accommodate you, too).
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