Proctor Approval Guidelines

Important: Proctor Designation and Exam Registration procedures have changed. Please see Proctored Testing Updates for the most current information about proctored testing during the university closure.

Proctor Selection

To select a proctor, students use the Online Proctor Designation Portal. If an existing proctor is not available within 100 miles, the student must find a suitable proctor site and have that site approved by Assessment & Testing. To do so, complete the New Proctor Request and submit it per instructions on the form.

To qualify as an approved remote proctoring site for FSU distance learning exams, the following requirements must be met:

Technical Requirements

  • At least one working, official email address
  • High-speed internet access
  • Printer
  • Scanning and/or faxing capabilities

Proctor Qualifications

  • Must have experience proctoring Internet-based exams
  • Must be willing to comply with policies and procedures
  • May not be a spouse, relative, friend, or coworker of the examinee

Assessment & Testing staff will determine if a prospective proctor meets our criteria. Once a decision has been made, the student will be notified of the status of the proctor.

Policies and Procedures for Remote Proctors

  • Assessment & Testing has a rigorous method for checking a student’s identity. Students must present a current, valid, and recognizable photo ID to take their exam. The photo ID may be an FSU student ID with photo (IDs without photos will not be accepted), state issued driver’s license, or government-issued ID (passport, etc.). No exceptions. If a student does not have the proper ID, the proctor must not allow the student to test.
  • Proctors must ensure that students’ cell phones are turned completely off while in the testing room. If a student’s cell phone is on, vibrates, or makes any alert or sound, before or after being seated, the student’s exam will be terminated and/or the student will forfeit the chance to test. Students must wait until they exit the testing room before turning their phone back on.
  • Proctors must ensure that students do not bring loose papers (study guides, notes, or blank paper) into the testing room, unless specified in the exam instructions. If scratch paper is provided, it must be turned in before leaving.
  • Proctors must watch students continually throughout the exam administration. The method in which this is completed can vary with each testing facility.
  • The ratio of proctors to students cannot exceed 1:10.

If you have any questions about approving remote proctors, please contact us at

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