Florida Civic Literacy Test

Visit the Academic Center for Excellence and Liberal Studies websites for more information about the test itself and test prep resources.

Students located at the FSU Tallahassee Campus who are required to take the Florida Civic Literacy Test should follow these steps to register for the test:

  • Visit our RegisterBlast exam signup tool.
  • In the first three dropdown boxes, select Exams for FSU Students, FSU Civic Literacy, and Florida Civic Literacy Test.
  • Select the date and time you’d like to register to take the exam at the FSU Testing Center and complete the rest of the required personal information fields.
  • Review the Testing Center Rules before you come in to take the exam.

Note: If you are unable to take the Florida Civic Literacy exam at the Testing Center on the FSU Tallahassee Campus, download and complete the Proctor Request Form for Civic Literacy and email it to testing@campus.fsu.edu for additional testing options.

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  • 09-Sep-2019