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Testing Center Rules

Important: The Testing Center for which these rules were developed is currently CLOSED. Please see Proctored Testing Updates for the most current information about testing during the university closure.

Please help ensure a smooth testing experience for yourself and other test-takers by observing our rules, which are designed to ensure academic integrity and promote student success.

FSU Students: Be sure to follow policies for proctor designation and exam registration first!

If you need accommodation for a disability, be sure to read our article on Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities.

At the Testing Center:

  1. Bring your FSU ID and any approved materials for the test. Other personal belongings that will not fit in pockets, including all wrist watches and all electronic devices and phones, must be put in a bag provided by the Testing Center and may not be accessed inside the testing room. If you access the contents of a bag during an exam, the exam is terminated and you will be dismissed from the facility. Bags must be left at the bag receptacle upon leaving the testing room.
  2. To protect our testing computers, we do not allow bottled water or other liquids in containers.
  3. To prevent distractions, turn all cell phones completely OFF. If your cell phone is on or makes ANY noise (ring, vibration, beep, etc.) in the testing room, your exam will be terminated and you will be dismissed from the facility.
  4. Do not bring loose papers into the testing room unless specified by the instructors. If scratch paper is allowed on the test, it will be provided and must be surrendered before leaving.
  5. For FSU-sponsored exams, hoodies and hats with brims (ballcaps, etc.) must be removed and placed in the bag, but headscarves and headbands are permitted. However, please note that external test sponsors like CLEP and TEAS prohibit any headwear unless worn for religious reasons. For these exams, if your headwear is not shown on your photo ID, we cannot allow you to wear it into the testing room. Please contact the test sponsor if you wish to dispute their policy.
  6. If you need a restroom break, you'll be required to show the contents of your pockets before and afterwards. Elapsed time will be documented but will NOT extend the time allotted to complete an exam.
  7. Please exhibit proper decorum in the testing facility. Talking (except to the proctors) is not permitted in the test room. Behavior toward students or staff that is disruptive to the testing environment is prohibited.
  8. Do not leave the facility with any test content (questions, directions, etc.) or with any of your exam responses.
  9. Use computers in the testing room for testing purposes only.

Always bear in mind:

  • The Testing Center uses live camera monitoring and recording for academic integrity and security.
  • We expect FSU students to abide by the FSU Honor Policy and Student Conduct Code.
  • Violations of our rules may result in dismissal from the facility.  More serious offenses such as cheating, disruptive behavior, or leaving the facility with any test content or student responses may result in additional consequences. 
  • Additionally, behaviors that cause concern may be reported to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for further action, or reported as an Academic Honor Policy violation.
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  • 22-Apr-2020