Online Test Proctoring: A Guide for Students

Important: Proctor Designation and Exam Registration procedures have changed. Please see Proctored Testing Updates for the most current information about proctored testing during the university closure.

If you are an online student who needs accommodation for a disability, be sure to first read our article on Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities.

If your instructor allows off-campus, distance-learning students in your course to use online test proctoring, you may be able to take online (not paper) exams at home. FSU uses a service called Examity® for this function, at a student fee per exam of $16.75 for the first hour and $7.00 for each additional hour. In order to use Examity, it’s critically important that you do the following:

First, ensure that your system meets all technical requirements.

  • A desktop computer or laptop. Tablets, Chromebooks, or cell phones may not be used.
  • A working, built-in or external webcam and microphone.
  • An Internet connection speed of at least 2 Mbps for both upload and download. Hot spots are not recommended. You can test your Internet speed at
  • A web browser with pop-up blocker disabled. (See these instructions if needed.)

Next, ensure that you can meet the requirements for the testing environment.

  • For all testing, you must be alone in an enclosed room without interruptions. Common areas and public spaces are NOT allowed.
  • The room must have strong lighting so that your face is adequately lit throughout the exam.
  • You will need to present an FSU ID or unexpired government-issued ID with a clear picture and name on it. FSU IDs with faded information or IDs without a photograph are NOT accepted.
  • Your testing station must be clear of anything except allowed exam materials.

Once you have confirmed the above, designate Examity as your proctor.

  • During the first two weeks of Fall or Spring semester (first week only during Summer term), go to the proctor designation portal and choose Examity as your proctor for the appropriate course(s).
  • Important: You will receive an email notification from Examity containing an activation link within a week following the proctor designation deadline or within a week of designating Examity later in the term. You will need this email to create a profile and access your exam (previously created profiles have been deleted).
  • Note that if you decide to change this designation later, you must do so at least one week before the test date.

To Access and Use Examity:

IMPORTANT: During periods of heavy use, daily Examity appointment slots may be limited so we can review all session recordings as described below in a timely fashion. Slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If no appointments for your desired exam day exist, you’ll need to make an appointment on a different day.

  1. Follow the link in your activation email to create a profile and account. If you are unable to find the email, contact
  2. Schedule your exam(s) and make your payment.
  3. Check your email inbox for an appointment confirmation email with complete exam instructions.

Please note:

Each exam session recording will be reviewed by FSU Distance Learning Staff and will be shared with instructors if any prohibited behavior or activity is observed. Students with confirmed Academic Honor Policy violations or other abuse of the system may be blocked from further use of online proctoring.

Need help?

Visit Student FAQs for information on Examity. You can also download a Student Quick Guide for detailed information.

  • For information about your exam, please contact your instructor.
  • For information about proctor selection, please email
  • For assistance with the Examity system, please email
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  • 17-Mar-2020