University Closures and Displaced Students

When an emergency or severe weather threatens the safety of students, faculty, or staff, the university may choose to close its main or branch campuses. Closures can be a matter of hours or extend over several days. They can also disrupt normal exam schedules and venues.

If an emergency results in a university closure, Assessment and Testing (A&T) has the following protocols in place to ensure students can resume exam sessions as soon as possible. (Check the FSU Alert page for official university closure times and dates.)

Exams Scheduled in the Testing Center

When a university closure affects scheduled exam windows, A&T staff cancel student registrations from the closure period and create new testing appointment slots.

Students: If your exam was canceled because of a closure, you will need to register for a new appointment. Your instructor can advise you about changes to your exam window/dates.

Instructors: Please advise affected students to register for a new appointment. You are welcome to modify and use the following statement in your communication:

  • If your testing appointment was scheduled during the recent university closure, the Testing Center has canceled it and created new appointment slots for you. You will need to register for a new appointment as soon as possible. The new window for [exam name] is now [dates].
  • Please note that this applies only to exams scheduled during the time span of the university’s closure. No testing appointments were canceled outside the closure window.

Exams Scheduled with Online or Remote Proctoring Facilities

Access to Canvas may have been affected by the university closure, even if students are located well away from Tallahassee.

Students: If you were scheduled to test at a proctored testing facility outside FSU’s main campus or with an online proctor (e.g., Examity) and were unable to access Canvas during your test appointment, please contact your instructor.

Instructors: There are two ways to confirm Canvas access problems. The FSU Canvas Support news feed will indicate local issues and the Canvas System Status page shows issues affecting Canvas itself. If you confirm that the system was unavailable at any time, we recommend adjusting the exam window accordingly and notifying your students.

Proctored Exams for Displaced Students

Events requiring university closure frequently have severe effects on students throughout the area. Students displaced from their homes may incur additional unexpected proctoring costs as they attempt to locate facilities.

Students: If you are displaced from your home, please contact your instructor as soon as you are able. Your instructor can advise you of your options and work with you to minimize disruptions to coursework and testing. Please know that if you need to make use of an online proctoring service or test at a testing facility other than FSU’s Testing Center, you will pay a fee for their services. Fees vary depending on the facility.

Instructors: Alert students that they may be charged a fee to test somewhere other than FSU’s main campus Testing Center. Please consider adjusting exam dates and/or authorizing online proctoring for affected students at a distance. Providing more options to students can help them weigh their options and find the most cost-effective proctoring alternative. A&T staff are committed to supporting you and your students and are available to answer questions and facilitate testing for displaced students.

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  • 02-Jul-2019