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Our Commitments

Testing Center Responsibilities

As one of the largest college testing centers in Florida, FSU Assessment & Testing makes the following commitments. We will:

  • Coordinate secure delivery of electronic exam information between instructors, students, and proctors.
  • At the main campus Testing Center:
    • Validate student identification and ensure that students have arrived on the designated date and time.
    • Permit students with valid testing appointments to reschedule them only with a valid excuse.
    • Allow approved exam aids only as specified by the instructor at the time the Instructor Request form is submitted.
    • Coordinate with system administrators, technical support staff, and Canvas User Support to maintain testing stations and troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software issues as they arise.
    • Extend the test-time window or reset student attempts if technical issues arise during exams.
    • Carefully monitor examinee behavior during exams to maintain academic integrity.
    • Log issues that arise during exams and, following investigation, notify instructors and test administrators of irregularities and any actions taken.
  • Provide a list of approved proctors and help distance learning students locate a proctor if the nearest approved one is over 100 miles away.
  • Ensure that proctors at remote test sites have certified their compliance with our policies and procedures.

Assessment and Testing at Florida State University adheres to the National College Testing Association Professional Standards and Guidelines.

NCTA Consortium of College Testing CentersNCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines Florida Virtual Campus

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