Proctored Testing at FSU: Where, When, and How

Important: Proctor Designation and Exam Registration procedures have changed. Please see Proctored Testing Updates for the most current information about proctored testing during the university closure.

Requirements for a successful proctored-testing experience:

For all test-takers:

If you are an online student who needs accommodation for a disability, be sure to first read our article on Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities.

  • You must select a proctor as described below within the first two weeks of the semester for fall and spring, or within the first week for summer sessions; late submissions are subject to rejection.
  • Please address concerns about test content and grades with your instructor. Staff at testing facilities are not responsible for grades, test questions, answers, scores, or addressing student concerns about being turned away for any reason.
  • Always abide by the FSU Honor Policy and Student Conduct Code.

For students testing at the main campus Assessment & Testing Facility (UCC1100):

  1. (Main Campus students in online classes only) Select the FSU Testing Center as your proctor within the first two weeks of the semester (first week for summer), using the Online Proctor Designation Portal. If you submit the form late, the testing center may not be able to proctor your exam.
  2. Register for and confirm an exam appointment. Your instructor will notify you about exam dates and times. Signup appointment slots will become available on a first-come, first-served basis beginning two weeks before your exam window opens, and you can then sign up for an on-campus exam time through the FSU RegisterBlast site, according to our Exam Registration / RegisterBlast Policy. Note:
    • If you don't receive a confirmation email, your registration is not confirmed.
    • If you do not make or keep an appointment for testing and are unable to take the exam during the exam window, refer to your course syllabus for further guidance from your instructor regarding missed exams.
    • Time permitting, you can also keep checking RegisterBlast because other students may cancel an appointment and open a time slot.
  3. Follow Testing Center Rules:
    • On the day of your exam, arrive on time, check in at the reception desk in UCC1100, and proceed to the testing room to be seated for testing. If you are late or there is not plenty of time to complete your exam before closing, you will not be allowed to test and will be referred to your instructor. See facility hours of operation.
    • At your exam time you must present a valid FSU ID card with clear photo and legible name to check in. No other form of ID will be accepted. Additional identification, such as a driver's license or passport with photo, may be required if the FSU ID photo is outdated or not easily recognizable.
    • Review all Testing Center rules well before exam time and follow them to avoid an invalidated exam!

For students outside Tallahassee, testing at a remote site:

  1. Identify a prospective proctor in your area and review their exam schedule. Be sure to verify all information about the proctor (address, email, telephone number, proctor name, fees, etc.) with the proctor site before you make your selection.
  2. After finding a potential proctor, submit your selection in the Online Proctor Designation Portal prior to the deadline. If you do not see an available proctor in your area, see our Proctor Approval Guidelines for instructions on identifying an Alternative Proctor.
  3. Be prepared to pay the required fees for proctored tests at remote facilities. Get fee information in advance including the amount and when it must be paid. Testing facilities often require prepayment and receipt for payment may serve as a ticket to the proctored exam session. Because proctored testing fees are considered an educationally related expense, students may use financial aid toward their fees, just as they would toward books and supplies.
  4. Schedule the exam date and time with the proctor well before the testing window provided by the instructor. Keep in mind:
    • Remote proctors may have their own expectations for making an appointment and may have busy times with limited availability.
    • Be familiar with and adhere to the policies of the proctoring location, including time allotted for tests and any busy times that may make scheduling difficult.
    • Make sure the proctor is able to provide accommodations for any documented disabilities.
    • You must check with the proctor at least two business days before the testing window begins to ensure they have the necessary information about your exam.
  5. On test day, bring any items required by the remote proctor (receipt, return envelope if needed, etc.) and one of the forms of current, valid, and recognizable photo ID listed below. Failure to provide proper ID will result in being turned away. Note: An additional form of photo ID may be required if the photo is outdated or not easily recognizable.
    • FSU student ID
    • State-issued driver's license
    • Government-issued photo ID (passport, etc.)
  6. Abide by the FSU Honor Policy as well as any policies and procedures required by the chosen testing site.
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  • 17-Mar-2020