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FSU Instructors: How To Schedule Exams

Important: Please see Proctored Testing Updates for the most current information about proctored testing during the university closure.

Important for your students:

The proctor designation window is the first two weeks of Spring & Fall semester and first week of Summer. After that, the system will auto-designate the FSU Testing Center for students who have not designated otherwise; students in online courses are required to designate the FSU Testing Center if their exams are to be proctored by us. Your students will receive notifications of their designation and, if needed, can then change their proctor by logging onto

When to arrange for exams with Assessment & Testing:

Due to high volumes of students using the facility, there is a window for requesting these services. Exam scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to distance-learning courses.

  • For Fall and Spring semesters, the window opens four weeks before the semester begins.
  • For all summer semesters (A, B, C, etc.), the window opens four weeks before the beginning of Summer A.

If the window has closed by the time you try to make a request, contact and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

How to schedule your exams:

Important: Please see our policy updates and reminders for 2020, including online proctoring, makeup exams, and registration windows.

Use the online Request for Services tool to schedule your exams (see instructions for the tool). This applies to both on-campus and remote exams.

If you need to change the exam date or other details later, or wish to authorize online proctoring for your off-campus, distance students, please contact

Important: Once your exam schedule has been confirmed, provide your students with information about proctored testing policies and procedures. See our Sample Syllabus Text for recommended information.

If you have off-campus, distance students:

If your students are reporting to a remote proctoring site, let them know it is their responsibility to check with the remote site to see if it can provide necessary software or applications required for the exam, and can scan the completed exam for paper-and-pencil tests. Students also need to confirm whether the remote site charges a fee. You can refer them to the Proctored Testing page for more information.

Instructors, however, should communicate with outside proctors only through ODL Assessment and Testing staff. Passwords may not be e-mailed to proctors for any reason. Our staff will help remote proctors deliver the exam answer sheet after scanning.

If you wish to authorize online proctoring for your off-campus, distance students, please contact

If a student provides you with OAS/SDRC documentation for testing-related accommodations, be sure to read our article on Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities.

Next Step: Prepare for Test Administration

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